GDPR Regulation

The abbreviation GDPR signifies the General Data Protection Regulation, a piece of European legislation enforced from May 25, 2018, aimed at enhancing individuals’ rights regarding the collection and use of personal data.

As the proprietor of the website, LabelDoo only gathers user data via the contact form, adhering to stringent security measures. Upon every request submission, the data is retained until the completion of the request and subsequently erased, unless there’s a legal obligation for data retention.

Data Security

All data transmitted via the contact form is securely stored on our server, hosted at Hetzner. Real-time surveillance is implemented to detect potential security breaches, notifying the supervisory authorities and/or individuals directly involved as necessary.

Right to Data Portability, Erasure, Correction, and Account Deletion

We have initiated internal (IT and managerial) procedures to manage and address any requests from involved parties, including rights to data portability and “right to be forgotten” deletion. We’ve outlined a method for erasing user data from our database and for ensuring data portability, abiding by the new regulations.

To send a request, you can visit the following pages:

Explicit Consent

In reference to the explicit consent that users must provide to send mail, we have adopted a two-tier consent system to verify users’ age (must be over 16) and their acknowledgment of the privacy policy and cookie usage information.

Privacy Policy

Our entire privacy policy has been revised in line with the GDPR and we invite you to review it at this link.

We’ve updated our privacy policy so that it reflects the changes we’ve made to strengthen your privacy rights. The introduced changes enable us to comply with the standards of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

Principali novità:

  • We’ve added some details about what you can do with your data and how you can exercise your privacy rights
  • We’ve provided additional information about when we delete data
  • We provide more transparent information about the different purposes for which we process personal data


All traffic on our site is encrypted with an SSL certificate; you can confirm this by the green padlock symbol appearing to the right of our site’s address. The HTTPS standard ensures that users can input data with total security, as it prevents interception of communication between the computer and server.