The label factory:

A story of reliability

50 years of quality, professionalism, and reliability made in Italy

Who we are

LabelDoo is a label manufacturer specialized in online adhesive label production with constant competence and professionalism.

We have been producing self-adhesive labels for over 50 years, a long time to gain the experience to ensure consistently excellent results for our customers. We have brought this knowledge online, offering a simple and fast, secure, flexible service through our e-commerce platform, combining our reliability in print quality with short-time deliveries.

Our production of adhesive labels stands out, above all, for a high level of customization, competitive prices, and the support we provide to customers even during the label creation phase.

Behind the online label factory LabelDoo, there is a team that has been working in this industry for many years, ready to do their best for you.

Our history


Oliviero Mazzocco founded “Grafica Isernina” typography and label factory.


His son Luigi Mazzocco took over the management of the company.


Opening of the industrial plant in Sant’Agapito (IS).


Luigi is joined by his sons Alessandro, Emiliano, and Emanuele.


Expansion of the roll label division with innovative investments.

2017 is born, among the very first web-to-print platforms dedicated to labeling.


Labeldoo is a reference for online quality label printing.

Our team

The heart of LabelDoo is the professionals who work in the label factory with passion and competence, creating excellent products both aesthetically and functionally.

The Research and Development department, for example, works daily on developing new solutions to meet customer needs, including the latest market trends.

Our system improves every day

The experience inherited from the physical label factory and the experience gained online in recent years have allowed us to consolidate a highly flexible organization: LabelDoo guarantees the same quality for large orders as well as smaller ones.

Among adhesive label manufacturers, we have positioned ourselves prominently in the international market. Thanks to diverse needs from various sources, we have achieved a high level of specialization and flexibility, achieved through continuous improvement of all production processes.

We respond to all our customers with quality first and foremost, very fast production and delivery times, precision, reliability, and competitive prices.

We produce labels with care and attention

For our labels, we offer a range of alternatives in terms of shapes and colors that guarantee a fundamental level of customisation. We take great care in producing labels down to the smallest details, thanks to careful verification in the pre-press, printing, finishing, and quality control phases. All of this allows us to optimize delivery times, always ensuring speed and punctuality.

Thanks to various printing technologies at our disposal, we can work with any material perfectly, selecting the most suitable adhesives and the best materials for enhancement.

Our production of adhesive labels includes meticulous quality control. Our technicians inspect every single label on every single roll using high-precision automatic tools.

Always in favor of eco-sustainability

Our  label factory  operates successfully thanks to our supplier partners, with whom we have been collaborating for years, providing us with top-quality materials that are checked and certified.

We have always preferred companies that share our production philosophy focused on quality and environmental sustainability. As adhesive label manufacturers, we are committed to controlled waste management and promote proper recycling and reuse of products. We ensure that every new product is eco-friendly, increasingly offering completely recycled printing materials.

Our e-commerce services

The ability to be online has allowed us, as adhesive label manufacturers, to make our knowledge, professionalism, and advice available to everyone in a simple and tailored manner.

Our e-commerce website is user-friendly and allows various types of end customers, from graphic studios to companies in any sector, from label factories to printing companies, to individual consumers, to purchase adhesive labels.

Every customer has the opportunity to take advantage of our loyalty system, an innovative program that offers continuous discounts for long-term collaborations.

The label factory is always by your side

We are always available for advice, consultations, clarifications, and we respond in the best way to every question. We aim to guide the customer in their online journey, from defining the most suitable label for their needs to delivery and usage. Our team is qualified to provide comprehensive assistance, supported by experts in adhesive labels, graphics, and product usage. LabelDoo always has the right solution.

Who are our customers and what do they say about us

Over time, we have acquired a valuable asset that speaks better than anyone else about who we are and what we do: it contains the feedback shared by our clients, their opinions, and positive company advertising that satisfies and flatters us.

Our customers come in various types. There is the small agricultural company, the microbrewery, the large winery, the multinational corporation; we guarantee the same importance to each one, the quality approach that has always distinguished us as a professional and reliable label factory.

We follow this path for the future, studying new projects that best meet the desires of different users and always with the highest satisfaction. This is our ambition.

Our customers

Our labels