Print Test: Guaranteed Results!

Is this your first order and you’re unsure about the outcome? Order a print test and LabelDoo will reimburse you with a discount voucher* to use on your first order.

The certified print test from allows you to have a faithful prototype of your label in no time. By purchasing a print test, you can preview how your printed label will look before the final printing.

Option to print on substrates available in our sample book

Ensure that the color printed by our machines matches your expectation

Print up to 5 graphic subjects for each print test

Free shipping

Die-cutting not included

Additional processing not included (coating – lamination – standard hot stamping – 3d foil – 3d relief screen printing)

Test Print

You can freely choose from dozens of available supports and obtain a reliable industrial proof of print of absolute quality, as it is made with the same professional equipment used in production.

The proof consists of printing your file on the chosen support, without proceeding to any finishing or die-cutting. In this way, you will have a faithful color reproduction of your label on the desired material.
Any embellishments (for example, gold foil) cannot be reproduced at this stage.

Do you have more types of files for your label line? No problem: with our print proof, you can upload up to 5 types of files (from the sixth type, it will be necessary to proceed with the purchase of a new proof).
The file can have a maximum size of 308x308mm, and any types must be present within the same file.
The proof is provided in protective sacboll envelopes.

*The discount voucher, worth the amount spent for the print proof, will be sent via email at the time of shipment.