Hangtags: Clothing and Beyond with LabelDoo

Hangtags play a vital role in communicating your brand’s identity through your products. As such, bespoke hangtags often serve more than just accessory roles: they can complete a package’s presentation, like in the case of oil bottles, or add more value to a product, as seen with clothing tags.

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For сlothing hangtags, the balance between informational and evocative functions is even more crucial. They communicate elements of high interest to consumers, like the price, often a priority. Yet, the visual impact remains significant: even for online hangtag printing, if requested, we verify the graphic file and make necessary improvements to achieve a quality result.

As always, we ensure meticulous attention to every phase of our production process and your browsing experience. You can create your customised hangtags very simply. They can be square, rectangular, corded, made of various materials and types: start configuring them and instantly view the prices of your custom hangtags!

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